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Derbyshire Youth Folk Ensemble (DYFE)

As a follow up to the Folk Workshop we ran in Centre last year, Sarah Matthews has issued the following invitation – please note that application and any further information is via email (highlighted in red within the text below) to Sarah not to SEDMC.

Here is the track for the session on Saturday:

Dear Parent / Carer

Following on from visits that most of Derbyshire’s Music Centres have received over the last year, I am writing to you with an invitation for your child to become involved in a new venture in learning folk music by ear and developing techniques in playing folk music in a new Derbyshire Youth Folk Ensemble (DYFE) as part of the programme on offer from the Derbyshire Music Education Hub.

We are at a point where we can’t yet begin to meet up in large ensemble groups, so we are proposing an opportunity to learn repertoire online until a time when we can come together to play as an ensemble and practise for performance opportunities.  Derbyshire is a very large county, so this provides us with a good opportunity to develop skills and learn new pieces without needing to travel, but still being able to prepare for future playing together.

The first FREE OF CHARGE online teaching and learning session is set for:

Date:              Sat 18th July 2020

Timings:        1.30 – 3.40 pm

1.30 – Meet on Zoom – welcome / intro to Zoom – getting comfortable – learn a tune together – introduce video work in the break-out session

2.10 – 3.00 Break-out time away from Zoom – video learning / private practising

3.00 – Meet on Zoom (same meeting details) – regroup – play through things together – discuss next meeting time and tasks set for September

3.35 – signing off – finish by 3.40pm

You will need to reply to in order to give consent to your child having a workshop learning session online in this way.  Then a Zoom e-invitation will be sent to you.

Please read the following carefully and make sure you are happy with everything ….


  • We are committed to working in a way that ensures maximum safety for all young people and tutors involved in online teaching and learning.
  • We are committed to working in line with the guidance set out by the Derbyshire Music Education Hub within both face-to face and online learning environments.
  • All online teaching and learning will be conducted strictly on a timetabled basis. There will be no online “chat” or interaction outside of these times.


  • Our online learning platform will be Zoom, and this has been tried and tested by the DYFE tutors.
  • Zoom works best on a desktop or laptop computer.  However, it is also easily useable on a smart phone or tablet.  It uses the camera and microphone functions on your device for communication so these are needed on your chosen device. Please see list of equipment below.
  • Zoom will be supplemented with links to pre-prepared video and audio files on a private Google Drive set up specifically and solely for DYFE work. 


  • The DYFE key person is Sarah Matthews –
  • The DYFE key person will host and lead the teaching and learning sessions, will start and end the sessions according to a planned timetable.
  • Young people and staff must be physically located in safe working spaces appropriate for online lessons with an appropriate background.
  • Young people should make sure that nothing overtly personal is visible in the space where they are accessing Zoom.  They will also be asked to dress appropriately for a learning activity, as they would in a face-to-face session.
  • DYFE staff will present and conduct themselves professionally at all times and provide as neutral a background as possible with no others present in the room.
  • DYFE staff will all have a fully enhanced online up-to-date DBS.
  • There will be an additional member of staff to monitor wellbeing and safety at all times during teaching and learning sessions.
  • If we use a breakout room, there will be a member of staff present at all times
  • DYFE host will record the teaching and learning sessions on Zoom for safeguarding precaution only.  This will be securely stored and deleted as soon as possible after sessions.  They will not be shared with anyone. No-one else will be able to record the sessions.


  • Parental email will be used to send the e-invitation for the Zoom meeting and the follow-up learning links. There is no need to create a Zoom account for each student as the website will automatically load once you click on the invitation link.
  • Schedules of teaching and learning will be sent through in advance, so there is absolute transparency about when online activities will take place. Parents or other responsible adult will be made aware that the session is happening and be welcomed and encouraged to be present in the room or close nearby in the home for the duration.
  • In accordance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), your personal details will not be shared with anyone in any manner.
  • Dedicated Facebook Group called Derbyshire Youth Folk Ensemble (external to Zoom in case of a problem) will be used for communicating with DYFE participants if stuck or needing help.  Alternatively participants can email Sarah on
  • For future work, students may be required to make music recordings or video of themselves at home in their own space to be added to the DYFE Google Drive folder.  This will be used in the creation of a publicly viewable piece of ensemble playing in combination with other DYFE players, and will enable listening to us all playing together as a whole ensemble finally.  Please let us know if you have any problem with this.

What you will need to take part in online learning:

  1. A desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  2. A camera built into your device
  3. A microphone built in or ideally a separate microphone that connects to your device
  4. Headphones that connect to your device
  5. Access to the internet in as stable a way as possible
  6. A quiet and appropriate space to make music
  7. Your instrument

Many thanks and I look forward to exploring folk music with your child.

Sarah Matthews