South East Derbyshire Music Centre Trust (SEDMC Trust registered charity 1180960) is the registered charity that runs SEDMC.
Our Trustees volunteer their time to oversee the way the Music Centre runs. They are also responsible for deciding the future development of the centre to ensure South East Derbyshire Music Centre continues to provide a space for young people to make music in Amber Valley and Erewash.
Our Trustees have a responsibility in many areas including, finance, sponsorship & fundraising, developing & updating policies and making strategic decisions affecting the future of the centre.


Luke Stanley - Chair

I joined as a trustee as my partner is a tutor, I loved hearing how music centre helped him as a child and is still inspiring others too. Not being musical myself meant I couldn’t join in any clubs, but as a trustee, I can help ensure the centre continues to provide the space for young people to make music together.

Charlotte Hallworth - Treasurer

Trustee since March 2020

Phill Thornhill - Secretary

Chris Knapp - Trustee

Chris Holwell - Trustee

All three of my children spent some time at Music Centre, with one of them attending for years playing the tuba. As someone who came to music in my 40s, when I took up the Celtic harp, I wish I’d had something as good as Music Centre to join when I was a boy.

Rachel Marshall - Trustee

Diane Wadey - Trustee

I have chosen to become a trustee as without help from volunteers SEDMC would not be able to provide the musical opportunities for all its students. My two children are currently members and have benefited not only from the musical activities but also the social aspects meeting with individuals from all ages. It's great to see them progress from the first few notes to then playing in National festivals

Mark Shearing - Trustee

Sheila Middleton - Honorary Trustee